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opening doors to ideas, education and diversity

If you want creativity, cut one zero from the budget.
If you want sustainability, cut two zeros!
— Jaime Lerner

EduRetreat, Singapore channelizes its energy to provide a platform to learn, share and assimilate from the global cultural diversity of philosophies and practices.


EduRetreat co creates rich provocations for intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, cultural, social, linguistic and aesthetic exchanges amongst educators and inspiring minds. EduRetreat is a traveling conference and aims at exchange of experiences through intimate dialogues between civilisations for two-way learning rooted in mutual curiosity and respect.

More and more I feel that the capacity for trust, wonder and continued curiosity depends on the experiences of early childhood.
The trip to India reawakened all that for me - color, sound, taste, delight, wonder and trust.
- Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson, Cultural Anthropologist, Reflective Guide EduRetreat 2013 

Our Philosophy

EduRetreat values every learner as an educator. We strive to open doors to ideas, education and diversity for educators to:

  • Move beyond the known
  • Encounter diversity
  • Stretch their capacities as continual learners and researchers


Our Passion

EduRetreat will channelize its complete energy to:

  •  Provide a platform to learn, share and assimilate from the global, cultural and diversity of educational philosophies, pedagogies and practice
  •  Offer rich provocations to intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, cultural, social, linguistic and aesthetic exchanges amongst educators
  • Create innovative experiences for the mind to reflect, body to rejuvenate and self to rejoice
  • Professional development retreats through travel, team dialogues and total immersion

Our Practice

  • Reflective support of education related projects
  • Pedagogical Mentoring of innovative early childhood education     projects
  • Documentation and publication of educational journeys
  • Collaborative global projects, workshops and seminars   


To travel with EduRetreat is to ride a magic carpet to places you did not know you deeply needed to visit.
— George Forman, Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

EduRetreat Brazil 2017

Rio de Janeiro - Brasillia - Salvador


A marvelous country, Full of a thousand Charms

A global mindset thrives on the shoulders of a global network. EduRetreat proudly announces a jointly designed travel & learn professional transformation program with Avante, a social mobilization group based in Salvador, Brazil that contributes to the personal formation of children, youth and adults.

Join us and embark on an extraordinary 12 day journey of professional development through travel and adventure in environments that push the boundaries of learner-driven solutions for 21st century values, connecting with a wide range of amazing and accomplished local thought leaders, set within the Brazilian context.

September 1st- 12th... Itinerary to come soon!


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for EduRetreat 2017 in Brazil!

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