EduRetreat is an initiative based in Singapore to learn, share and assimilate diverse philosophies and practices through curated, small group travel.  

Today it is a call to action.


EduRetreat offers intellectual, philosophical, cultural, linguistic, and aesthetic exchanges among scholars who are iconic and legendary.  As a traveling (un) conference EduRetreat participants exchange intimate dialogue with one another and the people, projects, and places visited.  As a group, participants learn through each individual’s own curiosity and mutual respect.

Since 2008 groups have made trips to Singapore, different regions in India, and most recently Brazil.  The purpose is to cross-fertilize cultures and philosophies while retaining each culture’s distinct strengths.  The process expands participants’ worldview. EduRetreat Varanasi, India is planned for February 1 - 15. Future venues will be EduRetreat Amazon, September 1st 2020 and EduRetreat Nile, September 1st 2021.

More and more I feel that the capacity for trust, wonder and continued curiosity depends on the experiences of early childhood.

The trip to India reawakened all that for me - color, sound, taste, delight, wonder and trust.

- Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson, Cultural Anthropologist, Reflective Guide EduRetreat 2013



‘Everything EduRetreat has at its core, made of course even more transforming because of the quality of the participants and the encounters you always, is an experience to change perceptions and challenge long held beliefs.’
— Jo White, Head of Centre, London

Our Philosophy

We build relationships by inspiring participants to:

  • Move beyond the known

  • Make the world their classroom

  • Stretch their capacities as influential thought leaders and change makers

We make what we learn visible by:

  • Channeling energy

  • Sharing and assimilating other philosophies

  • Provoking mindful exchanges

  • Reflecting, rejuvenating, and rejoicing

  • Removing barriers to the new and the different

  • Supporting one’s own internal and external dialogues


Your Experience

  • Is reflective

  • Supports worthy projects

  • Spreads break-through ideas

  • Makes learning visible in published words and images

  • Sparks our own or our followers action

  • Seeds good ideas so they generate research and alliances    

To travel with EduRetreat is to ride a magic carpet to places you did not know you deeply needed to visit.
— George Forman, Emeritus Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst